Countdown to Maui – Day 44: Measurements & At-home Circuit

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter I published the initial post in this series last week, I thought, “Hey, just because I didn’t take measurements when I first started this journey doesn’t mean I can’t take them now.” Duh. I mean, I am trying to measure progress over this 50-day period, right?

So I got out my measuring tape.

Here are my numbers:

  • Bust – 36”
  • Waist – 30”
  • Hips – 39”
  • Thighs – 24”
  • Arms – 12”

I have a long way to go yet, but like I said last time, being able to SEE your progress is a Yoga Matreal motivator.

Last Friday, instead of going to the gym, I did an at-home, floor work circuit. I liked it so much, I did it again today! This time, though, I added a 20-minute treadmill HIIT workout as well. It’s grind time!

In case you’re interested in the circuit I did, I’m sharing it here (one of these days I’ll try to post a video). Let’s call it the Thigh, Belly & Booty Blaster 🙂

Start by lying on your right side:

Turn onto left side:

  • 10 inner-thigh lifts – left leg
  • 10 lateral leg lifts – right leg

Lie on back:

  • 10 glute bridges (hold last rep for 30 seconds)
  • 10 split & reach crunches (start with legs together in the air, drop them out to the sides in a ‘V’ shape while simultaneously lifting your torso off the ground and reaching through your legs; check out this Pin if you need help visualizing)

Move onto hands and knees:

  • 10 donkey kicks alternating with 10 fire hydrants – right leg
  • 10 donkey kicks alternating with 10 fire hydrants – left leg

Get into plank position:

Stand up:

  • 10 jump squats alternating with standing cross-body crunches (i.e., start in squat position, jump, landing in a squatting position; once you land after each squat, stand tall, raise your right leg to your left elbow, then your left leg to your right elbow; perform another jump squat followed by cross-body crunches…continue for 10 reps)

Repeat the circuit 3 times, moving fluidly between each exercise without rest. If you must have a break, take 30-60 seconds after each round. I know it burns, but trust me – you CAN do it.

Once you’ve completed the entire workout, take some time to cool down, stretch, and revel in your post-workout endorphins.

Congrats – you just performed nearly 400 reps in about 20 minutes! Pat yourself on the back and eat some protein.

This is a great beginner’s workout and can be scaled for more advanced training. Add reps, add weight, do more rounds…you get the idea.

Try it and let me know what you think!

Do you do at-home workouts? Why/why not? Share some of your favorite bodyweight moves below!


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