About This Site

EatUpShapeUp MotivationHi there! So glad you stopped by. I’m guessing since you are visiting the About page, you’re hoping to learn a bit more about Eat Up, Shape Up. I know, I must have ESP!

In a nutshell, I started Eat Up, Shape Up to share my knowledge of and passion for healthy living. I’m a fitness and food nut, hence the site’s name. I wanted to create a space where like-minded fit chicks could gather to find solid fitness and nutrition information, share challenges and achievements, and get motivated!

Over the years, I’ve noticed how frequently women say they want to “get back in shape” (me included). Sometimes they do, often times they don’t. Yet other times they do only to fall “out of shape” again. Why? Probably because they didn’t change their overall lifestyle.

Though anyone and everyone is welcome to this blog (trolls and bullies excluded), my focus will primarily be women who are working toward achieving an all-around active, healthy lifestyle. What does that mean?

Living a healthy lifestyle means changing your attitude toward your body, changing your relationship with food, changing your mindset regarding exercise, and incorporating healthy habits into your routines until they become second nature. Until it’s just who you are and how you are.

It is a life-long journey. It’s a way of living every day, not only for two months before a beach vacation or a wedding. Healthy is not fad or crash dieting, nor is it trying the next “magic pill” in an attempt to be *insert ideal body type here.* Let me say it again: healthy is a lifestyle. Leading a healthy life means maintaining balance, respecting the process, incorporating activity into your everyday life, and aiming for overall physical, mental and emotional health…for the long-haul. And by the way, physical health goes beyond aesthetics – it means healthy organs, digestive health, immune health, etc.

All that being said, do I want to be fit? Look lean and athletic? Certainly. And I’m not going to lie about it. I love the feeling I get after a good workout! I feel strong, confident, and yes, attractive. That’s why part of my vision for this site is to create a knowledgebase of fitness information for women.

I’ve seen how intimated many women are by the weight room at the gym – how many lack confidence if they do venture there. The cardio machines are usually filled with ladies hoping to achieve a “thigh gap.” This is an area where I’d love to make an impact. I want more women to pick up iron at the gym! I want to share fitness advice and insights that help women feel comfortable and informed when making their way from the cardio equipment to the weight racks.

Finally, I love food. I know many women who struggle in this area; many who, understandably, don’t know the science behind food and nutrition. I do, and I try to eat pretty clean and balanced. I’m always experimenting with new recipes and meal ideas, so I’ll be sharing those on here as well as explaining the why behind my culinary decisions. Oh, and I have Celiac, so everything I share is gluten-free.

My goal with this site is therefore three-fold: provide fitness and nutrition information, provide support and motivation, and help women make healthy their lifestyle.

My personal goal is to break the “get in shape, fall out of shape, get back in shape” cycle. I want to be the best, healthiest me I can be…all the time. Eat Up, Shape Up will naturally reflect those goals. If these are your goals, too, then I think you’re going to like it here!

Eat Up, Shape Up, ladies!