Be a Guilt-Free Couch Potato: How Crafting Can Help You Lose Weight

Colored PencilsOkay, what? This is a health and fitness blog, for Pete’s sake! Why am I promoting sitting on your butt? And what the heck do crafts have to do with it?

The rationale. Bear with me–I’m not exactly suggesting you become a “full-time” couch potato. BUT, we all have those times when we’d simply prefer to take a lazy day. And that’s okay! If you’re following a healthy diet and exercise routine, then taking a day or a couple of days off from your workout is not only acceptable, it’s actually advisable. Our bodies need rest days.

Or maybe you did your workout this morning and now you’re sitting around watching TV and the snack demons are pestering you. You consider mindlessly munching on goodies while enjoying Bones reruns (okay, I may be talking about myself here).

Instead of reaching for the pantry, reach for your craft bag! Wait, you don’t have one? Well it’s time to get one together.

The bennies. Keeping your hands and mind busy while watching Bones (or The Voice or whatever your guilty pleasure is) will distract your brain from dwelling on food and can prevent over-eating. Plus, you’ll likely have a ton of fun using your creative skills, which is great for your mental and emotional health. And let’s face it, that’s just as important as physical health. Bonus: when you’re done with your crafting project, you’ll have something tangible to show for your time!

The alternatives. You may be saying: “but I’m not artsy.” That’s fine, some people simply don’t like crafting. There are other ways to reap the anti-nibbling benefits, though they don’t necessarily produce something useful and might not provide the same mental and emotional satisfaction. (<– there’s my disclaimer.) It may sound a bit grandmotherly, but playing solitaire, doing puzzles, and other similar activities keep your mind and hands busy as well and don’t require much in the way of creative skills. Find a game you like or teach yourself a musical instrument–there’s got to be something that tickles your fancy. As long as you’re busy doing, you’re not snacking.


The goods. So, you think this crafting thing might be for you? Great! Here are *just* a few crafting staples to get you started. However, there are entire stores dedicated to arts and crafts–this is barely scratching the surface.

1. Bag or tote. This will come in handy for storing fabrics, ribbon spools, etc.

2. Tackle box. You will want this to organize tools, findings, and other small do-dads (yep, that’s a technical term). Sure, you can buy an organizer made specifically for craft storage, but I find that fishing tackle boxes are often cheaper and just as useful, if not better.

3. Cutting tools. Scissors, an Exacto knife, and a cutting board are all items you will use regularly in your crafting endeavors.

4. Paint brushes. You’ll definitely want paint brushes and sponges. They’re pretty much crafting staples.

5. Mod Podge. This wonderful goop will help you stick just about anything to any surface. Google it and see for yourself the awesome things it can do.

Since this post is really about the health benefits of crafting, I’ll leave this list as it is–even though it’s an absolute bare minimum at best. Check out DIY and craft boards on Pinterest for project ideas and start building your crafter’s kit based on what you need to complete those particular projects. You’ll be surprised how quickly your collection grows! (Check out my Arts & Crafts board on Pinterest if you’re looking for ideas.)

What are you waiting for? Get started and reap some of these crafting benefits: prevention of mindless eating, improved mental and emotional health, and the production of something cool and artistic. And in all honesty, I just love arts and crafts, so it’s a great excuse to incorporate some fun DIY projects into my blog 🙂

Do you like crafting? Have you found it helpful on your journey to get healthy? Will you try it? Share your thoughts!

(Images: Dreamstime)

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