Case of the Mondays: what gets you motivated and keeps you on track?

MondayI don’t know about you, but for me Monday is a particularly difficult day to get going and stay on track with my fitness goals. I stay up too late on Sunday night, feel overwhelmed with the week’s workload, and have to plug away in front of a computer while my husband has the day off. Oh yeah, and I live in Seattle – rain, anyone?

Now that I’ve gotten some complaining out of the way, I will say I’m lucky in that I usually work from home, so I can ease into Monday morning on the couch with coffee in hand (and dog snuggled by my side).

Plus, Monday is leg day, and that’s something at least!

Here’s what I do to get over my Monday blues and stay the healthy course:

    • While I’m tempted to sleep a bit later, I make myself get up early so I have time to relax and enjoy my coffee
    • Plan your favorite workout for Monday, or take a fitness class you love – make Monday something to look forward to!
    • Have your week’s meals planned and prepped over the weekend so Monday doesn’t require any extra tasks like meal planning, shopping, cooking, etc.
    • Have healthy, satisfying snacks on-hand (nuts, fruit, etc.) – if you’re running low on Zs (as I usually am on Mondays), you’re going to be more easily tempted by fatty, sugary foods.
    • Make Monday your day to try a new exercise or reach a fitness new goal.
    • Use Monday work breaks to read fitness and nutrition articles; try to find something new to try the following Monday – this always gets me pumped and actually looking forward to next Monday.
    • Start your day with a workout, whether it’s a full-blown gym session or some yoga stretches at home.
    • Take a walk (or run, or whatever) on your lunch break; it will revive you from your Monday sleepiness and help you get through the afternoon.
    • And remember, Monday only lasts 24 hours 🙂

What do you do to get motivated on Mondays? I’d love to hear from you – share in the comments!

(Photo: Robert Couse-Baker)

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