Countdown to Maui – Day 29: am I overworking my body?

A couple weeks ago, I noticed a minor, nagging pain behind my left knee. I thought maybe I had pinched a nerve or slept wrong or something. Then, last week, the pain got worse. Way worse. It hurt badly while … Continue reading

Building Confidence—Not Just Muscles—in the Gym

I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve popped a few weightlifting cherries in my day. I love introducing women to weights – you might even call me a weightlifting advocate. But over the years, I’ve noticed that a lot of … Continue reading

Macros: is there a right way to break them out?

Happy Sunday, everyone! This is by far my favorite day of the week. For one, I get to spend the entire day with my husband. And two, I always make gluten-free pancakes from scratch for breakfast! Yum! Basically, I live … Continue reading

Case of the Mondays: what gets you motivated and keeps you on track?

I don’t know about you, but for me Monday is a particularly difficult day to get going and stay on track with my fitness goals. I stay up too late on Sunday night, feel overwhelmed with the week’s workload, and … Continue reading

Binging again? Stop this vicious cycle in its tracks!

You started the day off right. Whole grains, protein, a balanced mid-morning snack. But somewhere along the way, things went downhill. FAST. Before you could say double chocolate fudge cake, you had already devoured a handful of potato chips, a … Continue reading