I Stopped Caring About a “Goal Weight” and Started Focusing on What Matters


January 17, 2016

I thought I’d write a short, feel-good post since my posts inevitably end up longer than anticipated. I tend to be long-winded…just ask anyone who knows me personally 🙂

As you all know, I’ve been hitting it hard in the gym and the kitchen for about 15 months now. When I first started—overweight and out of shape—I punched my goals into MyFitnessPal and tracked everything I put in my mouth. My goal? 125 pounds.

It seemed reasonable. I spent my late teens and early twenties at about 120-125 pounds, consistently. I was thin, wore a size 2, and everyone always said how “tiny” and “skinny” I was. I figured, hey, why not shoot for that again?

Initially, I lost about 25 pounds (pretty quickly, in fact) and thought, “yes! I’m making progress! I’m so going to hit my goal!” But it slowed. Then it stalled completely at 136 pounds. I spent a bit of time trying to adjust my diet and wondered why I was seemingly doing everything right, yet not making further progress. *Gasp* This is what all those ladies’ fitness magazines call a plateau! Oh, the horror!

But you know what? I got over it. And damn fast, too. Why?

January 3, 2016

January 3, 2016

I felt fantastic and looked better than ever. And despite my weight “plateau,” I swore my body was still changing and improving. I figured I should eat for health, fitness, and happiness and who cares about the number on the scale? What a concept, right? I started eating intuitively (still making healthy choices, of course) and kept pushing in the gym.

Last week, I noticed my abs were starting to pop through…for the first time in my life…EVER. I hadn’t been on the scale for ages, so I thought I’d do a weight check. Surely I’d lost a few pounds. The result? 136 pounds! I’ve literally been the same weight for months, yet I’m looking better every day.

Moral of the story? Fuck the scale. At least when it comes to “vanity pounds.” Weight doesn’t tell the whole story, and it sure as hell doesn’t determine your worth. Make healthy choices and live happily ever after.

Do you weigh yourself regularly? Are you obsessed with the number on the scale?

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