Countdown to Maui – Day 44: Measurements & At-home Circuit

After I published the initial post in this series last week, I thought, “Hey, just because I didn’t take measurements when I first started this journey doesn’t mean I can’t take them now.” Duh. I mean, I am trying to measure … Continue reading

Be a Guilt-Free Couch Potato: How Crafting Can Help You Lose Weight

Okay, what? This is a health and fitness blog, for Pete’s sake! Why am I promoting sitting on your butt? And what the heck do crafts have to do with it? The rationale. Bear with me–I’m not exactly suggesting you … Continue reading

Should We Really Measure Progress in Pounds?

It’s been slow and steady so far, but the important thing is that I’m still making progress. And good progress, at that. Let me  back up and start from the very beginning. I’ve always been an active person. My childhood … Continue reading